Who are we?

MaterialiseIT is the perfect support partner to materialise your creativity. We offer all people with an eye for designs and a head full of ideas, the possibility to turn these ideas into 3D reality!

What else do we do?

At MaterialiseIT , we not only offer the 3D printing services for professionals in the Design , Architect or Gaming industry or hobbyist.

We take your design that is done on paper, convert into the computer screen using a 3D software program, convert the file and have the design printed out using a 3D printer.

People who are in the design, architect, 3D gaming industry who wants to do a prototype of their designs for showcase before the actual production of the product. Or anyone who wishes to have their creation or design becomes a reality!

We also created special 3D educational courses for children, starting from 7 years old and adults as well.

So come on and Check out our programs today!

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